Why Connection?

Matthew 22:36-40

  • Love requires connection. You can’t love something that you have no connection to
  • To truly love Jesus you must have a connection with Him
  • To truly love people you must have a connection with them
  • Connection is relationship….we say it’s not religion, it’s relationship

Matthew 28:16-20

  • The Great Commission is to connect people with the life changing message of Jesus
  • Connect them with the truth of the Word
  • Connect them with the power of the Spirit
  • Connect them with the love of the Father
  • Connect them with the death and resurrection of Jesus
  • Connect them with the rest of the body so they can function as the part they were created to be

Acts 2:40-47

  • We see the connection to Jesus becomes something the people have in
    common. They are now spiritually connected and the spiritual connection causes
    them to joyfully deepen their connection to one another and Jesus by daily living
    life together.