Sermons on James (Page 5)

A Renewed Mind: Be an Example

Ask yourself this question “Do I set an example with my life that others should follow?” You don’t need to think about why or why not at this time but should people follow your example or not? Now, CAREFULLY consider these questions: Would you be pleased if your children grew up to be exactly like […]

Give Thanks

Thanksgiving tends to be a holiday that people “take for themselves”. Christmas is about Jesus’ birth. Easter is about His resurrection. Thanksgiving is about, well…, family, football, and naps! But what is Thanksgiving about? Here is the actual dictionary definition of Thanksgiving – the expression of gratitude, especially to God. So this is a day where we […]

James the Just: Temptation

Temptation is something that attracts you or lures you, often by offering you something that is supposedly good. We are constantly offered a choice between the world and God. And even though we know we should choose God, we often choose the world. Listen to see how James tells us to overcome temptation.

James the Just: Try Me

Why do we face difficulties in this life? We all do, no matter if you believe in Jesus or not. How are believers to handle trials? How do we benefit from them? Listen in as we see how James taught these things.